6 Years On

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It’s been 6 years since I had my own label a desire that is something I feel that never leaves you. In December last year I had a very long conversation with one of the most creative people I know who made me see what everyone else sees.

So nearly a year down the line I am back with my second collection done and now onto designing my third for high summer 2015 and fourth for winter. My first collection I feel I was finding my feet again, testing the water and if I’m honest doing something that I thought I should be doing from influences of where and who I had worked with over the last 6 years. My second collection ss15 is the real me. I designed what I wanted and played with fabrics that I loved as for me this was an extension of my creative side, a little hobby I could do in my spare time and the response has been overwhelming. In January 2015 my collection will be sold in 38 stores, which is amazing to think that less than a year ago it hadn’t even started.

Meanwhile during this time I’ve had some amazing things happen for my label, my dresses have been worn by the beautiful jenny frost and been featured in The Daily Mail Online and I’ve just completed 6 bridesmaid dresses for a celebrity wedding which has been featured in OK magazine. I was completely honored to be asked to be involved in this and also to attend the wedding. So that’s it for now. I’ve had an amazing 12 months and have an unbelievable team around me so the sky really is the limit for my label.



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