Celebrating Women Through Fashion

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Fashion is a tool used for self-expression, creativity and celebration. For women, fashion is renowned for being used to break stereotypes and express confidence and individuality. At RR, we champion this. We are committed to using our products to empower women and to make them feel beautiful. 

In a world where women are frequently shut down or ‘put in a box’, fashion encourages women to be self-assured, proud to be a woman and to be themselves. There is something undeniably fierce about dressing in something that makes you feel your best, most confident self. Fashion has the potential to boost moods, allow us to be truly authentic and to express ourselves. It is in other words, a superpower. 

This method of empowerment not only helps us to become our best selves but it also brings us together. Women supporting women is one of the strongest forces in the world. There’s a reason why women’s bathrooms are one of the most positive places - it’s full of women complementing eachother and hyping one another up; fashion plays a massive part in this. How many times has somebody asked you where you got your outfit from? It’s the ultimate complement from woman to woman. Women sharing their passion for style and self-expression encourages other women to do so, creating a strong sense of unity. This builds a supportive community, where women are being built up instead of dragged down by the patriarchal society. 

At RR, we have always had female empowerment as our main value. In an industry where trends come and go, we have this as a constant theme we aim to integrate in everything we do. We are proud to be female-owned, as well as having our talented team of seamstresses. In terms of our designs, we don’t just design clothing that we think looks good. We want women to feel unstoppable when they put on one of our products. From statement dresses to tailored suits, you can guarantee that you will exude confidence in one of our numbers. As stated, fashion is a form of self-expression, therefore you will find in our collections that we cater for all styles, so there is something for everybody. Additionally, we always design clothes that will flatter all body shapes - the female body should be celebrated and we are massive cheerleaders for that fact. 

Empowerment is not just a value to us, it is the heart of our brand. We love women and want to shout from the rooftops about how great it is to be a woman, and hope we encourage you to do so too. 

Love, Team RR x 


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