First Impressions Last: A RR Date Guide

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First dates are a wave of emotions but one major question outweighs every anxiety - what am I going to wear? One of our biggest aims is to make every woman feel confident and beautiful. Whether you’re going for a romantic meal, drinks at a rooftop bar or meeting for coffee, be sure to make a lasting impression with an RR number. Join us as we plan an outfit and discover the perfect ensemble for each scenario!

1. Romantic Meal

For a dinner date, elevate your evening with sophisticated elegance with a signature RR V-neck number. This timeless look is renowned for being the go-to for meals as it elongates your neckline and accentuates your cleavage in a classy and stylish way. Our ‘Maggie Mini Dress Crimson Flame’ would be the flawless option for this look. Not only does it have the must-have V-neckline, but it is in a deep red colour that exudes romance. With its long sleeves and flowing skirt, an irresistible silhouette is created that is sure to be a winning look. Team with subtle jewellery such as diamond earrings, red strappy heels and matching clutch to create the ultimate alluring dinner date look. 


2. Rooftop Bar Drinks

When the suns out, rooftop bars call out. Picture yourself, cocktail in hand, with the sun beaming on you as you bask in the romance of your date. With all the good vibes surrounding you, the only thing to top it off will be a killer outfit. We recommend a statement print in a maxi length, to create an ultra glam look and be sure to wow your date. By wearing a statement number, you will exude confidence, letting yourself and the print glow in the sun. Confidence is exactly what you want to express to your date, so you’re on to a sure winner. The versatility of the maxi length is perfect, as it enables you to remain glam when the sun sets, with the dress blowing in the wind reminiscent of an Old Hollywood movie star. Our ‘Leopard Sunset Eleanor Maxi Dress’ will make you guaranteed to gather in all the compliments. From its leg split to its nipped-in waist, this dress is super-flattering and will make any figure pop. The sun will bounce off the soft blue and pink hues beautifully, making you every inch the dream date.


3. Coffee Date

This may be the simplest of dates, yet the hardest outfit to decide on. You want to look stylish and make a statement, but you also don’t want to look like you’ve tried too hard. The best option? Have a statement top, and your favourite pair of trousers. This is a sure-fire way to feel like you are still retaining your style status, whilst keeping comfortable. At RR, we have a wide range of tops designed for those situations where you want to sneak some glam into your everyday wardrobe. Our ‘Isla Oversized Top Raspberry Flamingo’ is effortlessly stylish with its oversized fit and draped sleeves exuding glamour. The pink hues of our popular Flamingo print is beautifully vibrant, ensuring you express your confidence. When teamed with blue denim jeans, you would create a flawless smart-casual look, sure to impress your date. 

Love, Team RR x 

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