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The fashion industry in the 21st Century is ever-changing and highly competitive. We, as a community, love the opportunity to use fashion as a form of expression and a way of presenting ourselves in the best way. Brands all over the world compete for consumers' attention to be their chosen brand that allows them to do so. This fast-paced nature of the industry has led to a multitude of fast fashion brands coming to prominence. As we are sure everyone is aware, this has numerous disastrous effects on the environment. From carbon dioxide emissions, to an excess in water consumption, fast fashion is one of the largest polluters in the modern world. This is why we are doing our bit to be as sustainable as possible. 

 We are a proud slow-fashion brand. Everything is made-to-order, meaning that work doesn’t start on a product until an order comes in. This means that we massively reduce our waste and the overall impact that mass production of clothing has on the environment. We are part of the charge pushing for more ethical practices in the fashion industry. 

Our production takes place in our Leeds office, by our very talented team of seamstresses who work hard to ensure that each item is made to perfection. By making everything in Leeds, we are drastically reducing our carbon dioxide emissions. As we are made-to-order, orders take up to 14 days to arrive. This means you can be assured that each item has been made with care and true expertise, which will be reflected in the quality. We prioritise craftsmanship and attention-to-detail to make sure each dress is made to the highest quality. By taking this precision and care with each stitch, you can trust that your order will be a piece to keep in your wardrobe forever. 

Additionally, as touched on in a previous blog, by us being a made-to-order brand, we are able to connect with our customers more. By engaging with our customers in consultations, should they want a bespoke or altered item, we can guide them through our creative process and make their vision a reality. 

Ultimately, made-to-order, local fashion is changing the paveway and redefining the standards in the ever-changing fashion industry. It encapsulates artistry, quality and sustainability, and we are beyond proud to be a brand that champions this. 

Love, Team RR x

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