Hijab Street Style with @onlydila and RR

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We have teamed up with the stunning Dila, the successful influencer behind @onlydila, to show how diverse and bespoke RR can be. Here we have altered necklines, added sleeves and removed the high splits from some of the classic RR styles for a look that all Muslim women could feel comfortable and confident in. 

We asked Dila a few questions about why she loves RR and how these bespoke pieces looked and felt.

My favourite thing about Rebecca Rhoades is the fact they provide a service that most brands don’t; which is customising your own dress accordingly to your choice. For me, the sleeve length and dress length is very important, there are so many beautiful dresses out there that I can’t buy because it’s not particularly modest. But Rebecca Rhoades have kindly offered this service and done a great job at it.

I love a chic and elegant look with maxi dresses. With the Tutti Fruity Leopard printed dress I would wear a beige (pastel coloured) headscarf with a matching (beige) coloured bag. The dress is very out there, so I would tone it down with the pastel or cool coloured accessories.

The fit is perfect, I just gave my measurements and I received 2 perfectly fitting dresses in less than 2 weeks. The material is also super quality, it isn’t transparent as that’s one important thing I look at when I buy a dress. And secondly, you could easily wear it in winter and summer.

Describe how I feel in RR in one word...? Elegant! 🤍

We offer this bespoke service for everyone simply email or message us on social and we will create your vision together. 

RR x


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