Homegrown, designed and manufactured all here in the UK

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Rr pieces are designed & manufactured from start to finish here in the UK. More and more brands are moving their processes or at least part of them abroad to save money on materials or the manufacturing side of things. Here at RR we are proud of our heritage, the inspiration we’ve taken from the UK and everyone who has helped to build us up to where we are today.

So this may be surprising for many of you but we are a fully made in UK brand RR we pride ourselves in producing in the UK. We design all our prints in house carefully choosing colours and prints that will keep you on the very edge of changing trends all year round. Once picked, the prints are printed in a local factory in Leicester. Our tailoring fabric is made in a knitting factory in Nottingham too so we’re keeping that within the UK too. All our garments are made in two London factories with the sample collections created in our studio in London.

We believe in promoting UK manufacturing rather than sending it overseas, strengthening the UK market and keeping it here in the UK is so important to us. We have a huge passion for creating a quality garment and that’s something we feel can get lost overseas. Keeping it here in the UK means we get to visit the factories while they are making our products and ensure quality standards are constantly being kept at the very best. Every stitch and every hemline, every zip and every waistband has to be perfect! We see the products come to life before our eyes, there really is no better feeling.

Not only does our UK manufacturing ensure quality is always exceptional, we’re giving back to the UK market but we’re also responsibly sourcing all our fabrics, ensuring workers are in great environments with fair pay and employee rights. Sourcing overseas can sometimes mean compromising on reliable sourced materials or workers who are underpaid in poor conditions. It’s not all about the end product with RR, the end masterpiece is as brilliant as it is because our process is refined using the best materials, the best teams, all responsibly sourced and monitored.

We couldn’t be prouder to be a UK based and manufactured company- keeping it real in our own fashion playground.

RR x

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