How To Style A Statement Piece

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As we touched on in a previous blog, we are big believers in instilling a sense of confidence and empowerment in yourself by statement dressing. 

Once you’ve chosen your statement number - whether it be a bold colour or signature RR print, the next step is styling. It can be quite intimidating when deciding how best to put together an outfit that compliments the colour/print. But when a statement number is styled carefully, the outcome is sure to make you a showstopper. It’s all about balance, cohesion and experimenting. By carefully constructing the outfit so all focus is on the statement piece, you elevate the outfit and ensure to make a lasting impression. 

We have compiled below our top 3 styling tips for how we would style a statement RR number: 

1. The Isla Oversized Top Raspberry Flamingo 

First things first - what a stunning print. Our ‘Flamingo Fancy’ print is the talk of the season. The deep pink hues with the unique flamingo pattern gives for an irresistible new look we are obsessed with. The ‘Isla Oversized Top’ is a perfect way to incorporate a statement piece if you’re new to bold patterns. By pairing this top with some wide leg jeans or white trousers, you are introducing statement dressing in a subtle yet effective way. The statement print is taking centre stage, with the rest of the outfit complementing it. To top off this look even further, adding a pair of pink strappy heels will tie everything together.


2. Nora Midi Dress Retro Zest

The colours of the ‘Retro Zest’ print really do speak for themselves. The cocktail combination of blues, pinks and oranges is truly captivating. We believe the best way to style this number is to fully let the dress do the talking. If you pair this with white heels, a matching white handbag and fascinator you create an image that is sure to turn heads. The colours of the dress will pop even further and you will become a walking piece of art. Get ready for all the compliments! 


3. Tokyo Trouser Jumpsuit Midnight Palms 

This piece is absolutely perfect for those days on holiday where you want to look stylish but stay practical. The ‘Midnight Palms’ print is one of our favourites - just looking at it makes you want to jet off on a plane to sunnier climates. By teaming this with a pair of oversized sunglasses, straw hat with a deep green ribbon around it, and your trusty wedges you create the perfect summer look. Of course, we can’t forget about the main accessory you need for this holiday look -  a cocktail.

Happy styling ladies and remember - have fun with it! 


Team RR x 


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