The Power of a Statement Piece

Posted by Rebecca Rhodes on

One of our main values is to empower. We want you to feel beautiful, confident and sexy. We are also strong believers that by wearing a statement piece, your confidence will grow. Why is this?

In a world where society challenges us to look a certain way, it has never been more important to remember that your beauty comes from within, not from what society pushes on you. With the constant changing cycle of fashion trends and societal beliefs as to what ‘look’ is in, whether it be in fashion or in your physical appearance, it can be extremely draining. Feeling the need to fit into a certain box can make you steer away from what you feel most comfortable and confident in to feel like the best version of yourself. 

Dressing in a statement number, whether it be a bright colour or a print isn’t just a fashion choice. It displays a level of confidence. It shows how you see yourself, and not only makes others admire you but also inspires them. Even if it feels out of your comfort zone to start with, by taking the plunge and wearing something to make a statement, you will exude confidence, and you will start to feel this within. Let your confidence speak for itself.

At RR, we don’t follow trends. The only trend we follow is empowerment. We do this by providing collections that are designed to be timeless by making you feel beautiful. By investing in clothes to last, you are buying for forever, not just for now. These can be pieces that are passed down generations and will be truly treasured. If you have a statement piece, it will always hold fond memories with it, making it more than just an item of clothing. 

Dress to impress yourself.

Love, Team RR x

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