Dress up Friday, our social media takeover!

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As times began to change earlier in the year, the concept came about of flipping dress down Friday to dress up Friday! Pre-lockdown more and more people we being asked to work from home, then when the government announced lockdown we all had our part to play. This transition has been a challenge for so many people and we hoped that this fun campaign would brighten up people's week, give them a reason to get glam again and spread some positivity during uncertain times.

Here at RR we invited our loyal followers to join in the hashtag #dressupfriday to get the nation out of loungewear and into something fabulous. The campaign has grown and grown over the last 11 weeks and just to make it even better we gave one lucky winner the chance to bag and amazing outfit each week. The fashion community has really pulled together and created a supportive family of fabulous women who come together each Friday. 

We have had a huge RR response with Rebecca Rhoades obtaining the most entries that any one brand had wearing their label! We have had so much support from amazing followers and customers who say even if they didn't win the prize, they enjoyed being part of something with other incredible, like-minded people. This really shows that the RR brand isn't just about the prints, the quality and the designs themselves- it's also about the feeling you get when you're wearing one. Whether you're at a fancy event or even in your living room sat working during lockdown, the RR feeling is still there and still strong.

We can't thank our amazing RR family enough for their support during this time and keeping us all sane with this dress up Friday campaign!

RR x 

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