Say hello to the newest members of the RR club…. One of our best collections to date!

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The new prints have landed and are looking like exactly what we need to bring 2020 back into full swing. Welcome to the Rebecca Rhoades Collection…

Leopard Sunrise
Leopard Sunset
Raspberry Tiger
Pinky Palms
Midnight Palm


This collection is all about being transitional. So 2020 didn’t turn out how we expected so far, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look incredible while we make the most of the rest of the year. This new collection has a much more relaxed vibe so think BBQs, converse, flat boots and sandals paired with a classic statement print. Glam doesn’t always have to be for big events and parties, if lockdown has taught us anything it’s to embrace our beauty, make ourselves feel great whenever we want, for whatever occasion. We’re living in the now and these prints couldn’t look better being added to our statement selection.


The whole process of this collection has been really cathartic and amazing, it is definitely one of our best collections to date. The prints and the new slightly more relaxed feel of these pieces is just exactly what we need for the upcoming seasons. It can be paired with converse or trainers for a garden BBQ, it can be dressed up with heels for the exciting steps back into the social scene and it can also be transitioned into the cooler months with bright knits and simple jewellery.

We love gathering feedback from our loyal customers, you ladies know what you like and we want to deliver! We have been gathering your ideas and your preferences on Instagram and doing polls to see which shapes, necklines, lengths and prints are in demand and have changed some designs from concept to creation to suit what has been voted for. Sometimes the ideas and shapes we have in mind don’t translate into fabric how we hope but this collection has been a fantastic challenge with some new shapes that really show off the best of RR and will make you feel absolutely stunning when wearing.

We hope you love the new pieces as much as we do! Thank you for your continued support always.

RR x  

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