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Our brand is famous for it's statement prints, they are completely unique an unlike any others. You can spot and recognise an RR print instantly, and we love that. 

The prints themselves are never designed in advance, they are curated right there in the season at the time according to current trends around the world. It's a feeling more than a plan, there is no rule on what it can be or how it develops, it's a purely natural creative process which makes each collection so magical. 

The process is always different, sometimes print ideas come to life and they are perfect instantly on the screen. Others take a huge amount of time, lots of tweaks, lots of versions to get that perfect pop.

The prints are always heavily layered so each time you look at them you see something different. We know these prints are something that always get noticed, all our customers have shared they get so many compliments when wearing an RR piece, they are unlike anything else!

The addition of my name in the first Ruby Rose Romance print was something I added in to make the prints even more unique and a little signature to the brand. Now every print features a Rebecca Rhoades signature or text somewhere in one of the layers. Once the print files are finalised they are sent for test prints to check size and colour. Sometimes there can still be amends after the samples have arrived because I have an eye for if something just isn't quite perfect. It can be a lengthy process from concept idea to actual garments made in the print but by the time the end pieces are made, they are perfect, every time. 



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