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Over the last year and a half we have all undergone some changes and growth that nobody could have anticipated. Not just on a personal level but on a professional level too. The journey of RR is always mapped out, but the designs and collections come from Rebecca at the exact time they are being launched, it's an organic process there and then which is why each collection is so special. The pandemic has diverted the course of our brand in so many different ways, which at the time seemed difficult and scary, but the light at the end of the tunnel is here and we're excited about what the rest of 2021 holds for us. 

Rebecca has recently been working on two huge kilts for STARZPLAY, Men In Kilts. This brand new series on Amazon Prime Video has been advertised on billboards in Glasgow and London and Rebecca has been working incredibly hard on creating moving, real kilts to go on these billboards! They looked so amazing and the stars of the show even took selfies with them posting to their 3 million+ following on social media! 


Drop two of our summer collection is in the making featuring our brand new prints Ruby Rose Garden and Pinky Porcelain Treasure. Head over to our Instagram page for updates on these and to see them come to life on stories! This latest collection will be all about the return to normality, socialising, bars, parties, friends, family and feeling fantastic. There will be something to suit all shapes and sizes and all events. Rebecca always plans collections with wedding guest outfits, date night outfits, full on glam and more subtle pieces as we have such a wide variety of personalities and styles in our customer base. 

In the pipeline soon we have some exciting collaborations coming up. Work on our Breast Cancer Awareness print is underway and we're sharing this on Instagram asking for your contributions and ideas on this incredible piece. We will be doing a charity fashion show, making women feel their absolute best is what our brand is all about. There could even been an RR gym range in the plans... but we can't tell you much just yet! Top Secret.

Thank you for supporting our brand through a pandemic and out of the other side! We hope you feel the most special and beautiful wearing our pieces than you ever have. Definitely a new appreciation for the little things!



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